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LP Clear $27
  • 1997 unreleased Hardcore Punk recording by seminal NW/Portland Musicians
  • Features Sam Coomes (Quasi), Sean Croghan (Crackerbash), Chris Slusarenko (Eyelids), Nathan Slusarenko (Death Midget)
  • Recorded by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith)
  • Limited First Pressing of 1000 on Clear Vinyl
  • Liner Notes by Jerry A. (Poison Idea)


Moustache could have only happened in Portland, Oregon. This young group of music lovers, trying to recreate that dangerous feeling that they got the first time they stuck their heads through the doors of that all ages punk rock show. You can’t fake this music. They were smart and had a plan. But Portland thought they were taking the piss. And the squares didn’t understand. This wasn’t a goddamn joke!

If Moustache would have came out of New York or Chicago, they would have been welcomed like royalty. But unfortunately for them, Moustache could have only happened in Portland, Oregon".
– Jerry A (Poison Idea)

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Wolves
  • 2 Crustacean
  • 3 Your Prayers Are Curses
  • 4 Ace Bandage
  • 5 Time Obsessed
  • 6 Stupid Hippie
  • 7 50%
  • 8 Trinkin'
  • 9 Don’t tell Jay
  • 10 Frozen Ice
  • 11 Emergency Broadcast
  • 12 Kill All Surfers