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Mu Ichizoku

Japanese TV Drama “Mu” O.S.T.
LP Black $52
  • Analog 12inch 180g heavyweight LP
  • All songs latest remaster.
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Very popular in the second-hand analog market, this wonderful soundtrack is now being reissued with a remaster due to soaring prices!

A masterpiece in Japanese electronic music whose sitar tone invites stagger. An exotic and soothing album written by Ichiro Araki and arranged by Taro Morimoto!

All 12 songs are instrumental. The raga style rock theme song “Mu no Theme” compliments the image of Tadanori Yokoo’s jacket, who was devoted to Indian spiritual culture.

TBS Wednesday drama “Mu” which was broadcast from May 18th to November 9th, 1977. The show features Shiro Ito, Kayoko Kishimoto, Hiromi Go, Kirin Kiki, Misako Watanabe, Kentaro Shimizu, Junzaburo Ban, Toru Yuri, Tompei Hidari, and several more guest appearances.
The LP released as the soundtrack contains topical songs such as “Mu no Theme” and “Obake no Rock’n’Roll” by Ichiro Araki.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Theme song of “Mu”
  • 2 Kita Kaze Yo
  • 3 Theme song of Kaneda
  • 4 Theme song of Sarashina
  • 5 Hatsukoi No Ashioto
  • 6 Theme song of Kentaro
  • 7 Kentaro vs Takuro Part1
  • 8 Kentaro vs Takuro Part2
  • 9 Obake No Rock’n’roll
  • 10 Sarashina No Intro
  • 11 Theme song of Kentaro Part 2
  • 12 Theme song of “Mu”