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Hillbillies In Hell: Wake Me Up! Brimstone And Beauty From The Nashville Pulpit (1952-1974)

Release Notes
  • HEAR Rhys Evans catch THE DEVIL TRAIN!
  • WITNESS The Revelators Quartet and the great power of the ATOM BOMB!
  • Limited Edition Deluxe Gatefold LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia!
  • Full dynamic range 2023 remasters direct from the first-generation analogue master tapes!
  • Limited to 666 copies!
  • 222 (randomly inserted) ‘Armageddon Red’ LPs / 222 (randomly inserted) ‘Soul Apocalypse’ Splatter LPs / 222 (randomly inserted) ‘Purgatory Black’ Black LPs!
Hillbillies In Hell: Wake Me Up! Brimstone And Beauty From The Nashville Pulpit (1952-1974)
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Raw Revelations for Rapturous Times…

In this era of tumult and strife, shadow and light…take these seeds and let them grow. Apocalyptic Visions and Luciferian Combat, Armageddon Fever Dreams and Biblical Torments, Restless Redemptions and Ultimate Resurrections. Some collected from the acclaimed and out-of-print ‘Hillbillies In Hell’ series, some newly unearthed into the light of day, some burning with Evangelistic passion, some bountiful with the beauty and peace of the Final Light – all presented in this all-new volume.

Spiritual Sleeper Awake! This world is but a kingdom of veils…

Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell: Wake Me Up!’ is your Good Book through the uncanny valley of the End Times – a dusty clutch of Hellfire Preachers, Satanic Traps and Tests, Diabolic Jousts, Backwoods Mountain Messiahs, Plagues and Pestilence, the Creator’s Smite and God’s Blazing Light.

A deep catacomb of marginal 45s – some of these sides may be familiar, some are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your proselytic listening pleasure.