Theodore Shapiro

Severance OST (Season 1)

Release Notes
  • Composed by Theodore Shapiro
  • Artwork by Greg Ruth
  • 140 Gram White Vinyl
  • Manufactured in Czech Republic
Severance OST (Season 1)
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Severance OST (Season 1)
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Severance OST (Season 1)
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With phenomenal world-building, writing, directing, set design, acting and music Severance is one of our standout shows of the year. And of course, Theodore Shapiro’s score for SEVERANCE is nothing short of jaw-dropping. At first, it may seem simple and minimal, but it reveals itself to be complex, rich and detailed on repeated listens. Its haunting and otherworldly melodies weave in and out of time and space. A beguiling listen from start to end.