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Port Sulphur Band

The Devil's Fee (Music from Hunt: Showdown)

Release Notes
  • First time on vinyl – limited to 500 units
  • Handpicked selection of songs from the game
  • Limited edition white vinyl
  • Original artwork by Senior Concept Artist Ina Koos
The Devil's Fee (Music from Hunt: Showdown)
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The Devil's Fee (Music from Hunt: Showdown)
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The Devil's Fee (Music from Hunt: Showdown)
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The Cologne-based record label Black Screen Records has teamed up with Hunt: Showdown’s in-house musicians, Port Sulphur Band, to release a limited edition 12" vinyl featuring a hand-picked selection of songs from the band’s growing catalogue of music from the game. The first pressing is limited to 500 units only and comes on beautiful white vinyl. It also includes original artwork by Crytek’s Senior Concept Artist, Ina Koos.

Hunt: Showdown is known for being a dark and gritty western-themed extraction PvPvE shooter, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the game’s music is created by Crytek employees in-house. What started as a way to publish additional Hunt lore has grown into a cult phenomenon, with over 14 million Spotify streams on the first album alone.

Chris Green, Director of Audio and Music for Crytek, comments:

“The Hunt: Showdown community has been asking for a vinyl release for a long time, so we thought that the upcoming 5th anniversary would be a great time to grant their wish! We are so happy to see fans love the soundtrack and the game, and to achieve that many streams across all digital platforms is wild. The music brings life to the game and its trailers, but to see people enjoy it outside of the game as well is amazing. We hope fans will love it, and we look forward to making more tracks in the future.”