Various Artists/Nujabes

Hydeout Productions: 2nd Collection

Release Notes
  • Limited edition
  • Pressed on black double vinyl
  • Comes in gatefold packaging
  • First time on vinyl

The second collection album ‘’2nd Collection’’ of the ‘’Hydeout Productions’’ label is released on 2LP.

Aside from the trend of the modern music industry as a whole, this is the 2nd collection album of the rare independent label ‘’Hydeout Productions’’, which has gained great support from listeners by releasing purely sound = works without advertising activities.

It is another world of Hydeout, which is written in parallel with Nujabes’ albums ‘’Metaphorical Music’’ and ‘’Modal Soul’’ with a wider range of works and selection. From the previous album ‘’Modal Soul’’ to ‘’Another Reflection’‘, which can be said to be a separate chapter of ’’Reflection Eternal’’, while it is a label collection album, Nujabes’s 2nd album ‘’Modal Soul’’ and the direction of the label. A work that shows sexuality.