Minus Group

Black Lights

FLIES 45-41
Release Notes
  • 7" Pressed On Black Vinyl
  • A taste of Enzo Minuti‚Äôs irresistible whimsicality
  • Contains two arrangements of the psych-dub masterpiece single
Black Lights
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A little psych-dub masterpiece recorded in 1981 by the elusive Minus Group, a mysterious studio band led by multi-instrumentalist Enzo Minuti (aka Ezy Minus). The two tracks on this single are different arrangements of the same composition, the first, on Side A, being an afro-dub version with phrasings on sax and synth (both played by Minuti himself), weirdly processed choir vocals, and obsessively repetitive percussion. Side B, on the other hand, contains a tropical-downtempo mix, with claves and flute exuding Caribbean/cinematic vibes, as well as minimalist synths and clapping that give the impression of a jam session under the influence of psychotropic agents.