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BNA: Brand New Animal Original Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)

Release Notes
  • The complete original soundtrack to BNA: Brand New Animal
  • Vinyl comes packed in a rigid case
  • Vinyl includes a 68-page softback art book.
  • Vinyl includes a poster using recognizable artwork from the series
  • 42 tracks across 3 × 180g 12" vinyl records
BNA: Brand New Animal Original Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)
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The original soundtrack to the hit Netflix series from TRIGGER (Promare, Kill la Kill).

Composed by Japanese producer and multi-instrumentalist Mabanua (Megalobox), the soundtrack is filled with neon-glowing electronica and irrepressible beats.

This complete soundtrack also contains the rousing opening theme to the series, “Ready To”, sung by Sumire Morohosi (who voices Michiru in the series), and the closing theme “NIGHT RUNNING” which features the velvet electronic and vocal textures of AAAMYYY.