Sai Yoshiko

Taiji no Yume

Release Notes
  • Limited Edition Vinyl
  • Comes with an iconic Japanese obi-strip
  • Artwork by Sai Yoshiko herself

Delve even deeper into the world of Yoshiko Sai! At the time of the album’s release, Sai was only 24, but her singular talent as a musician, poet, and artist was already well known. Her ability to craft a unique world through her music had made her one of Japan’s most prominent singer songwriters, and this album further cemented her position at the top. With Yuji Oono returning to once again arrange, the music is at once mysterious, strange, and somehow comforting. True to the title ‘Taiji no Yume’ (Dreams of Fetuses), the album takes you through a spiritual journey, exploring the innermost machinations of Sai’s mind. But listen carefully, and you may find your own horizons expanding, as the music takes you through a journey of your own mindscape.

The artwork, designed by Sai herself, is an homage to her debut single (Hatachi ni Nareba c/w Akai Hana), a reversal of the iconic image of her holding a white cat. Don’t miss this iconic album, reissued on limited edition vinyl with an OBI-strip available only from P-VINE Records!