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Logic System


Release Notes
  • New album from synthesizer pioneer / the fourth member of YMO
  • Improvisational song with Ryuichi Sakamoto is included as a bonus track
  • Japanese pressing comes with obi

The album “TECHNASMA” released in September by Hideki Matsutake, the fourth man of YMO, is now on LP! An improvisational song with Ryuichi Sakamoto is included as a bonus track!

An aesthetic world view and imaginary sound that expands from the carefully drawn electronic music blueprints. The Logic System’s new album of the one-tone soul filled with the pride of Hideki Matsutake, a synthesizer craftsman who has been sticking to the tone for a long time, is completed!

The unique “TECHNASMA” has been created by the many “arts” of sound-making that have come out, and the mystery of programming that has been refined.

A full album that sparks the whole body, while the wave of reevaluation has further increased both at home and abroad and attention has been focused on the next movement!