Raphael Toine

Ce Ta Ou

Release Notes
  • First remastered reissue
  • Classic Zouk album recorded in Switzerland
  • Limited Edition

Raphäel Toiné’s Ce Ta Ou / Sud Africa Révolution, one of the most gorgeous Zouk albums ever made. Funk arrangements, fat bass, and crazy synths all melt together in a record that transports the dancer to a remote piece of land in the middle of the Caribbean. This rare Afro-boogie and Zouk synth funky LP was recorded in Switzerland in 1986 by this incredible artist that knew how to condense the vibe and lifestyle of a region in a piece of black gold. “Dread Vibrations” or “Sortilège”, two of the seven cuts that compose this work are both ready to delight a listener on the prettiest sunrise as well as make dancers drool at the end of a three-day festival. “Femmes Pays Douces” is an impressive exercise where vocals decorate melodic instrumentation that could be listened to in a loop forever.