Josephine Foster

All The Leaves Are Gone

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  • New from Fire Records
All The Leaves Are Gone
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Could it be that the world is finally ready for the tempestuous folk- rock opera that is “All the Leaves are Gone?”

All the Leaves are Gone" was made by unique personalities not concerned with influences or copying any bygone era. Surely, some things are in our DNA or even early childhood, as Josephine Foster’s roots in opera manifest themselves as much as any other influence in this organic song cycle. Sure, guitarist Brian Goodman may have heard Richard Thompson before, but his alchemical and molten guitar spray is purely his own, in tunings and intervals still not meant for normal humans to understand, mostly because his 2004 guts were poured into every sublime note (I think even Brian himself never even understood how good he was). That fiery emotion is also in every nuance of Foster’s songs— like life, there’s disquieting, jagged moments of unease, and there’s calm both before and after the storm. There are moments of utter gentleness along the journey—-because yes, every concept album should be a voyage, and this is one everyone should take.