The Free Design


LITA 005
Release Notes
  • First Time on CD in U.S. !
  • 24-Bit Remastered
  • 1st Vinyl Reissue
  • 180gram LP w/ original artwork & gatefold jacket
  • 2 Bonus Tracks!
  • New Liner notes by Kingsley Abbott and Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary)

The Free Design, those oft-overlooked legends of ‘60s soft pop, drew inspiration from such diverse musicians as Duke Ellington and The Mamas & The Papas. Today, with its sweet harmonies and even sweeter lyrics, The Free Design inspires such diverse musicians as Belle & Sebastian and Jurassic 5. Listen to the band’s acclaimed third album, Heaven/Earth, to experience a sound that has awed the in-the-know for more than three decades. The New York-based family band – siblings Bruce, Chris, Sandy & younger sister Ellen – recorded Heaven/Earth in 1969 for acclaimed producer Enoch Light’s Project 3 label. The album is quintessential Free Design with “a sweet sound that caressed the aural taste buds and floated deliciously,” in the words of rock historian Kingsley Abbott, “daring listeners to follow it.” Chris Dedrick’s imaginative lyrics of both innocence and irony, and the band’s tight vocals and dreamy enthusiasm, shine on “2002 – A Hit Song,” “Dorian Benediction,” and the album’s other delights.

As a special treat and for the first time on CD, fans will finally be able to enjoy a couple bonus tracks from the Project 3 archives: Ellen Dedrick’s 1969 solo 45.