Light In The Attic presents The Free Design’s brilliant 1968 sophomore album You Could Be Born Again.

After hitting the charts with their 1967 debut Kites Are Fun, You Could be Born Again is the sound of a band discovering what they are capable of, amid the excitement of what is to come.

Beautiful and elaborate originals intertwine with classic ‘60s pop hits, arranged in such a way that they could literally claim ownership. Duke Ellington’s celestial “I Like the Sunrise” takes on a life of its own, dazzling the listener and reminding one of Gil Evans, while original tunes such as “I Found Love” unearth Chris Dedrick writing one of the great moments in pop, though history doesn’t know it. The album’s closing number entitled “An Elegy” sees The Free Design at its starkest, musically and lyrically, in the group’s entire career, serving as a powerful tribute to Dwight Dedrick, who died in Vietnam the same year of this release.

In You Could Be Born Again, The Free Design master the ability to cover previous songs with an innovative and unsullied feel! A feat only do-able by the best of the best!

Three decades later and the Dedricks influence still rings strong – The Polyphonic Spree, Madlib, Belle & Sebastian…

As an added bonus, the CD version features two Free Design Christmas classics, originally released in 1968.