Kristofer Maddigan

Cuphead Deluxe Soundtrack

Release Notes

• 4xLP
• 1930s Era Specific Packaging
• Almost 3 Hours of Music
• Music & Lyrics by Kristofer Maddigan
• Album Art by Jango Snow

Cuphead Deluxe Soundtrack
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Cuphead Deluxe Soundtrack
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Cuphead Deluxe Soundtrack
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Cuphead Deluxe Soundtrack
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Cuphead Deluxe Soundtrack
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Iam8bit is proud to collaborate with Studio MDHR to bring you this period-specific thrill ride of jazz jollies and big band boisterousness – an outrageously rare treat comprised of four jam-packed records featuring some of the coolest and smoothest tunes you’ve ever grooved along to.

This is a spectacular sensation of a vinyl set, comprised of so much delicious, fully-orchestral decadence that we couldn’t resist creating a ridiculously complex custom companion package, stripped straight from the 1930s. Designer Jango Snow spared no detail in collaborating with the maniacally brilliant Studio MDHR to create this beautiful folio design, affectionately inspired by record sets almost a century old.

What you’re seeing here is top-tier, first-class elegance, drenched in passion and oozing with embellishments like gold foil and embossments galore.

Holding the Cuphead 4xLP makes us smile big. It’s a damn fantastic edition and we think it’ll make you smile too.