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Traffic Sound

A Bailar A GoGo

Release Notes
  • Hand-numbered limited edition of 300 copies
  • Comes with a 20-page bi-lingual booklet with unseen pictures and detailed band history
  • Mastered from the original four-track tapes
  • Seven bonus tracks from the original tapes, remixes approved by Willy Thorne

Willy Barclay and Willy Thorne were friends right from the start. At the age of nine, they began to play music together using acoustic guitars borrowed from their brothers. In 1964, they formed their first rock band. After that, they formed Los Mads, although they left that group a couple of years later. One day in January 1967, Thorne was walking with Barclay near Nicolás de Ribera street in Lima. They encountered two friends, Manuel Sanguinetti and Freddy Rizo-Patrón, who said they were looking to form a band with Jean Pierre Magnet and a drummer friend. Thorne said that he, Barclay, and Luis Nevares were already playing together, but that he would gladly gather everyone together and combine forces. Manuel and Freddy nodded—and thus, Traffic Sound, one of the most important psychedelic bands from South America, came into existence. In September 1968, they signed on to make some records for the MAG label. The first three Traffic Sound singles were recorded on MAG’s Ampex four-track. During rehearsals and long hours of recording in the studio, they composed songs, some of which would form the basis of their debut album, “Virgin.” Following the success of the song ‘Meshkalina’—released as a single in February 1970—the MAG label grouped together the band’s three sold-out early singles, remixing ‘I’m So Glad’. For the cover of the resulting compilation mini-album, called “A Bailar GoGo,” the label created makeshift art with some extra sleeves they had from another compilation album. This six song “album” was released in mid-1970, after the release of the “Virgin” album, and before the release of the album, “Traffic Sound.” This deluxe mini-LP sleeve, limited-edition CD reissue of the mini-album “A Bailar GoGo” is taken from the master tapes, as originally released. As bonus tracks, we’ve added seven remixes from the original four-channel tapes: instrumentals, acoustic versions, and remix/edits; these remixes were approved by Willy Thorne. Comes with a 20-page booklet with unseen pictures and detailed history of the beginning of the band in Spanish and English; also has a silk-screen printed replica of an original Traffic Cound concert poster. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300 copies. Like all Repsychled titles, this is available exclusively from Lion Productions and our friends.