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Cassette Tape $21
  • LITA EXCLUSIVE: Neon Orange Cassette Tape
  • Unique toy style packaging in slid out blister pack
  • Classic Kenner “Star wars” style
  • Produced by Deadly Avenger
  • Re-mastered by Burning Tapes


For the first time ever on cassette, uSUPER! present a super sound selection of Deadly Avenger cuts from the early 2000’s! Part 2 of our series of 5 collectable tapes in a bespoke retail hanging package (classic Kenner toy style!) plastic front with removable card back panel.


Giving you a small taste of the deadly super sound of funky breaks, heavy sampling and golden era hip hop flavour ! Wether its the big beat cut and paste sample fest of Brooklyn Scraps, to the melancholic strings and trip hop beats of Lopez OST, the infectious Balearic grooves of Day One or the majestic horn section of The Budapest Film Orchestra in We Took Pelham, the early 2000s releases defined the deadly sound. Taken from the forthcoming ‘All Art is Martial’ LP The Best Of Deadly Avenger.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 We Took Pelham
  • 2 Charlie Don't Surf
  • 3 Brooklyn Scraps
  • 4 Lopez
  • 5 King Tito's Gloves
  • 6 Malpaso
  • 7 Day One
  • 8 Live At The Capri
  • 9 Lopez Part 2
  • 10 In Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
  • 11 Punisher
  • 12 Lawrence of a Labia
  • 13 Blade
  • 14 Outro