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Danny Scott Lane

Wave to Mikey

Glossy Mistakes


LP Black $20 $27
  • Fourth world and ambient album with jazz hints
  • Featuring John Caroll Kirby and Joseph Shabason
  • Limited Edition – 500 copies


Wave to Mikey, the fourth album from the Los Angeles-based actor, musician and photographer Danny Lane is a nocturnal, neon-lit ode to the friendships that shape us. “I made this album for my friend Mikey from back home,” Danny explains. “We were pretty much inseparable for a large part of our lives, and our musical and social minds were always in sync in a special way. Then with age, we drifted apart, especially since I moved to Los Angeles. This album is just a little wave hello to an old friend and a kindred spirit."

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Paid Homage
  • 2 Fly
  • 3 Buck Shorter
  • 4 Bottle
  • 5 Not a Baby
  • 6 Rum
  • 7 Thinking of Quincy
  • 8 Hey, no!
  • 9 Sequence
  • 10 East, West