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Haruomi Hosono / Vampire Weekend

Watering A Flower



12" Black $10 $20
  • Limited edition
  • Pressed on 12" black vinyl
  • Analog cutting is by master craftsman Toru Kotetsu


Haruomi Hosono's "TALKING" and Vampire Weekend's "2021" were released as a collaborative 12-inch single in 2021, crossing both border and label barriers.

"Re-collaboration between ambient masterpiece 'TALKING' and Vampire Weekend has been realized! Also includes a new version of Vampire Weekend '2021'! The song '2021' recorded in the Grammy Award-winning album 'Father of the Bride' by the American NY band Vampire Weekend was talked about in Japan and the United States by sampling Haruomi Hosono's 'TALKING' at the time of its announcement in 2019.

In addition to the original version of Haruomi Hosono "TALKING" on side A and Vampire Weekend "2021" on side B, two new songs "2021 (2021 Version)" will be recorded. "TALKING" (Haruomi Hosono) will be the first analog record

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Talking: Chit-Chatting This And That About You
  • 2 2021
  • 3 2021 (2021 Version)