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Save Point, foreteller, GlitchxCity, and lost:tree

Video Game LoFi: Sonic Frontiers

Curaga Records


LP Black $30

SHIPS BY 2024-08-23

  • Pressed on deluxe audiophile 180 gram black vinyl
  • Art by Save Point
  • Layout by Isa Alcántara


Gotta go… at a relatively chilled pace! Curaga Records alumni lost:tree returns with their 3rd full-length chill hop release, Video Game LoFi: Sonic Frontiers.

From the moment you hit play, lost:tree flips the script on the newest adventures of our favorite blue hedgehog into a mellow, dreamy chill hop soundscape with pop tendencies and a warm lo-fi finish.

This 10-track album features collaborations with Save Point, foreteller, GlitchxCity, and lost:tree personally provides incredible vocals throughout with additional vocal features from LiaToGO, and Raayo.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Vandalize (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 2 Kronos Island (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 3 Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing (from “Sonic Frontiers”) [Chillhop Edit]
  • 4 Theme of Koco (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 5 Undefeatable (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 6 Ares Island (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 7 Find Your Flame (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 8 I'm with you (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 9 Dear Father (from "Sonic Frontiers")
  • 10 One Way Dream (from "Sonic Frontiers")