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Michael Staple

Video Game LoFi: Donkey Kong Country 2

Curaga Records


LP Black $30
  • Producer - Michael Staple
  • Mastering - Save Point
  • Album Art - Save Point
  • Layout and Design - Isa Alcántara


You’ve never heard Donkey Kong quite like this! Video Game LoFi: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest is a collection of 10 tracks from artist Michael Staple, who flawlessly mixes LoFI Trap and Chill hop with LoFi hip hop undertones. Tracks featured on the album are all from the ‘95 SNES title Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest and include heavy Lo-Fi Trap hitter “K.Rool Returns,” the ever funny “Klomp’s Romp,” and the ethereal “Stickerbush Symphony”. This is artist Michael Staple’s first Curaga Records release and is a must-have album for fans of both the LoFi genre and the colorful, fun world of Donkey Kong.

Note from Michael Staple: “David Wise is one of the best composers in the gaming industry. I wanted to honor him by mostly staying faithful to his compositions for DKC2 while giving it the lofi / chill vibes infused with other genres, which I think people will enjoy. There's something for everyone on this album.”

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 K.Rool Returns
  • 2 Klomp's Romp
  • 3 Lockjaw's Saga
  • 4 Hot-Head Bop
  • 5 Mining Melancholy
  • 6 Bayou Boogie
  • 7 Flight of the Zinger
  • 8 Stickerbush Symphony
  • 9 Forest Interlude
  • 10 In a Snowbound Land