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Video Game LoFi: Celeste

Curaga Records


LP Black $30

  • 1xLP Black Vinyl Comes in a holographic jacket, discs in black polyline sleeves
  • Art by Drew Wise
  • Layout by Isa Alcántara


Just breathe.

You can do this.

Slow down with ephemeral beats and drifting melodies, and wave-dash lofi melodies from Celeste Mountain directly into your subconscious. Join producer Nokbient as they explore a chill reimagining of Lena Raine's soundtrack to the 2018 indie game phenomenon Celeste by Maddie Makes Games.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 First Steps (from Celeste)
  • 2 nokbient, Save Point - Resurrections (from Celeste)
  • 3 Checking In (from Celeste)
  • 4 Quiet and Falling (from Celeste)
  • 5 nokbient, Besso0 - Madeline and Theo (from Celeste)
  • 6 Reflection (from Celeste)
  • 7 Little Goth (from Celeste)
  • 8 Reach for the Summit (from Celeste)
  • 9 nokbient, Besso0, Save Point - My Dearest Friends (from Celeste)
  • 10 Exhale (from Celeste)