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Town Hall Concert Plus

Pure Pleasure


LP Black $39
  • Pressed on 180gm vinyl
  • Mono recording


This album is made of six numbers from the famous Town Hall concert of 1947, plus offerings from four others, which if not perhaps quite so famous are nevertheless all more than worthy of your attention. Armstrong’s playing in these days was something to marvel at, and his presence a vitalising effect upon any musicians who teamed up with him. Teagarden never played or sung better than he did here (St. James Infirmary to note), but nor for that matter did Bigard. Vic Dickenson, Johnnv Hodges, or any of the other musicians who haunt these tracks. The standard throughout is very high, but no one, however well they play, can approach the brilliance of Louis as he soars into his first chorus on Misbehavin’ with the control and majesty of a seagull on the wing. Teagarden plays well enough on this track, but sandwiched between Louis’ solo and a fantastic lead-in to his final chorus, he sounds almost dull by comparison. Save It, Pretty Mama is another tour de force, with Louis playing a solo that is supreme for tightness, and relaxation. The two tracks with Duke are full of interest. Hodges blows beautifully. Duke plays some pleasant piano on Journey, and Pops comes on with a blues vocal which is quite inimitable. Snafu, a boppish kind of tune, doesn’t suit Louis quite so well, but as usual he can dig his way out of any situation with his horn. Little Girl and Mahogany Hall feature a much more basic beat and Louis plays in a style much nearer New Orleans than was usual in these days. Ory takes a splendid chorus on the second named tune, and the work of both drummers is exceptional.


Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Rockin' Chair
  • 2 Ain’t Misbehavin’
  • 3 Back O'Town Blues
  • 4 Long Long Journey
  • 5 I Want A Little Girl
  • 6 Mahogany Hall Stomp
  • 7 Pennies From Heaven
  • 8 St. James Infirmary
  • 9 Save it, Pretty Mama
  • 10 Someday You’ll Be Sorry
  • 11 Sugar
  • 12 Snafu