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Haruka Nakamura

Touge: Winter & Summer



12” Black $51
  • Pressed on Black Vinyl
  • Music by Haruka Nakamura
  • Mastering for vinyl / Gen Tanabe (Studio Camel House)
  • Design by Takahisa Suzuki (16 design institute)
  • A&R / Kyoko Yamaguchi (one cushion , INC)


A soundtrack Light years project created by haruka nakamura for THE NORTH FACE Sphere, an ambitious new store building specializing in athletics that opened in Harajuku, Tokyo.

This work is a soundtrack created in response to a request from THE NORTH FACE to create an album for each of the four seasons. It will be a project to produce four albums for each season over the course of a year under the title of “Light years”. “THE NORTH FACE Sphere” is THE NORTH FACE’s new challenging concept building. WHITELIGHT is in charge of the acoustics in the store, which just opened in July in 2022, and uses taguchi speakers. From the basement to the upper floors, this work flows in a space that is particular about the multi-layered feeling of sound.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Zanshou
  • 2 Sanbika Hitotsu
  • 3 Alone Together
  • 4 Light Years
  • 5 sunset waves
  • 6 LUIZ IZ
  • 7 M-N
  • 9 from dusk to the sun