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Yukihiro Takahashi

Tomorrow's Just Another Day
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  • Originally released in 1983
  • Second ever release on the acclaimed Japanese label ALFA / YEN
  • Reached #11 on the Japanese music charts
  • NOTE: LP colorway to be determined


Originally recorded in 1983, Tomorrow’s Just Another Day is Yukihiro’s fifth solo album and second release for the YEN label. The album features Bill Nelson and Pierre Barouh. All songs were recorded in Japan and half of the tracks were sung in Japanese. The album emphasizes Yukihiro as a singer and it reached #11 on the Japanese music charts, which was the highest ranking for his solo work. Track 10 is a cover of Hal David and Burt Bacharach’s song from 1969 (original singer: Dionne Warwick).

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Preview Tracklist

  • 1 What, Me Worry?
  • 2 It's Gonna Work Out
  • 3 Sayonara
  • 4 This Strange Obsession
  • 5 Flashback
  • 6 The Real You
  • 7 Disposable Love
  • 8 My Highland Home In Thailand
  • 9 All You've Got To Do
  • 10 It's All Too Much
  • 12 Disposable Love (Japanese Version)