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Tiny Waves x Firaga

Tiny Waves x Firaga: Deltarune Chapter 2 Remixed

Firaga Records


LP Black $28

SHIPS BY 2024-05-31

  • Pressed on 180g black vinyl
  • Mastering by RoboRob
  • Album artwork by Ginkgosan
  • Art direction by Ben Briggs


Beats to thaw chicken to.

A high-energy remix album by Firaga Records x Tiny Waves of DELTARUNE soundtrack favorites.

DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Remixed was made possible by the following individuals:

Album Producers: RoboRob, Ben Briggs

Producers: Bolide, RoboRob, Ben Briggs, Mega Flare, Vector U, bLiNd, Floopy, Nokbient, SARE, Jewel Maiden, Flexstyle, arthur x medic, TOFIE

Art direction: Ben Briggs

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Before the Story
  • 3 Sound Studio
  • 4 Smart Race
  • 5 Spamton
  • 6 Pandora Palace
  • 7 BIG SHOT
  • 8 Attack of the Kiler Queen
  • 9 Knock You Down!!
  • 10 Faint Courage - Game Over
  • 11 You Can Always Come Home
  • 12 Until Next Time