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Grey October Sound

Timeless Lo-Fi Vol. 2



LP $40

SHIPS BY 2024-06-28

  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • New album from the beatmaker team who produced "Lo-Fi Ghibli" and "Lo-Fi City Pop"
  • Featuring Michvel Jvmes, Samurai Yas, and more!


The brand new one of TIMELESS LO-FI series is here! A beat-maker crew called "Grey October Sound" gained international recognition not only in Japan but also overseas through their covers of Studio Ghibli songs titled "Lo-Fi Ghibli" and City Pop covers titled Lo-Fi City Pop. Even now, when they are globally known for their covers of Ghibli and City Pop, we still feel that their music is underrated. In order to overturn that evaluation, we confidently release this TIMELESS LO-FI 2.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 RENDOU (Grey October Sound
  • 2 Meaningless Lyrics (Grey October Sound
  • 3 Mind Game on Bm9 (Grey October Sound
  • 4 Hibachi (Grey October Sound
  • 5 Far Out (Grey October Sound
  • 6 Untitled (Grey October Sound
  • 7 RAW (Grey October Sound
  • 8 Dear (Grey October Sound
  • 9 Last Night (Grey October Sound
  • 10 Sunset (Grey October Sound