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Time Capsule EP

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10” Black $40
  • First time pressed on 10" vinyl
  • Japanese OBI-strip
  • Including a re-edit short version of “Deja vu”


The impact of Weldon Irvine’s music across a wealth of genres cannot be overstated with his jazzy piano playing and compositions regularly passed down to newer generations. Artists like Q-Tip and Mos Def are noted admirers of the jazz-funk artist, and the distinct sounds of Irvine echo across the ages in samples etched into hip-hop history. The album version of Time Capsule was originally released in 1973, and this is a brand new 10 inch EP edit aimed at DJs looking to incorporate its album tracks in their set. While the original album had social commentary, and spoken word reflections signpost the way through its otherworldly jazz, this EP contains just the music. Two versions of “Deja vu” on side A, and “Feelin’ Mellow” and “Watergate - Don’t Bug Me!” on side B.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Deja vu (Short Version)
  • 2 Deja vu (Original Version)
  • 3 Feelin' Mellow
  • 4 Watergate---Don't Bug Me!