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Joseph Trapanese

The Witcher: Season 3 (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series)



2LP Black $20 $40
  • Pressed on Black Double Vinyl
  • Gatefold Packaging with Printed Sleeves
  • Includes a Double Sided Poster


The soundtrack to the 3rd season of Netflix’ The Witcher mixes score tracks by The Greatest Showman composer Joseph Trapanese and vocal tracks by Jaskier-actor Joey Batey, singer of the Season 1 hit “Toss A Coin to Your Witcher”, feat. in global and local Viral 50 playlists at the time. Polish folk band Percival Schuttenbach join on select tracks – celebrated for their music to The Witcher video games. For the first time in The Witcher series, actress Freya Allan who plays Ciri, is also featured on the soundtrack for her song “A Little Sacrifice.” Other songs on the vinyl include “Extraordinary Things,” “All Is Not As It Seems,” “Enchanted Flowers” and “The Ride of the Witcher.”

This vinyl only features highlights of the soundtrack not the full digital soundtrack tracklist. However, the tracklist includes 1 bonus track that will only be available on this vinyl.

The vinyl package includes 2x double-sided black vinyl in a gatefold with printed sleeves and an insert featuring song lyrics, liner notes and artwork from the show. Each package also includes one double-sided poster. The poster will feature either of the following pairings: Geralt x Ciri, Geralt x Yennefer, Geralt x Jaskier or Ciri x Yennefer. The poster in each package is chosen at random.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 I Importune You
  • 2 A Time of Contempt
  • 3 Shaerrawedd
  • 4 Lessons in Smiling
  • 5 Extraordinary Things
  • 6 Jackapace
  • 7 Whispers of a Dozen Bounties
  • 8 Death Itself
  • 9 Let Me Guess, You Have A Plan?
  • 10 He's a Spoon
  • 11 A Mission For You
  • 12 Aeschna
  • 13 She Was Gone
  • 14 You Sure About This?
  • 15 All Is Not As It Seems
  • 16 The Melange (A Witcher Tango)
  • 17 Break the Bind
  • 18 Failure of Judgement
  • 19 Arrogance Will Be Your Undoing
  • 20 Korath
  • 21 A Little Sacrifice
  • 22 Little Horse
  • 23 You Will Change Everything
  • 24 Enchanted Flowers
  • 25 Brokilon
  • 26 Chaos Has Consequences
  • 27 Long Live The King
  • 28 Rats
  • 29 Fair Fight
  • 30 The Ride of the Witcher