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The Messenger



2LP Color $45
  • 2xLP Past and Future Vinyl
  • Album Art By Peter Mohrbacher
  • Music by Rainbowdragoneyes
  • Limited edition of 3000
  • Includes Digital Download


The soundtrack to The Messenger is a rare gem prophesied in ancient scrolls. It’s a cathartic odyssey through mythology and mayhem, as imagined through the earholes of a prolific madman named Rainbowdragoneyes. This 2xLP represents the duality of the game’s narrative and it’s split-personality as an album. The first disc oozes with 8-bit NES-talgia, while the second disc journeys us into the 16-bit future. These are two distinct soundtracks borne of different eras, yet bonded by ninja sweat and demon blood. They are ambitious, addictive and totally fucking awesome.

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