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The Long Living Things



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SHIPS BY 2024-11-22

  • 1988 album from Japanese New-Age / Ambient composer
  • The second track was included in "Kankyo Ongaku" compilation
  • First time pressed on vinyl


Masahiro Sugaya, his name is now known worldwide as one of the leading artists of Japanese ambient, which has been re-evaluated worldwide in recent years. The Long Living Things, the album was released in 1988 by Japanese musician/composer Masahiro Sugaya for performing arts company "Pappa Tarahumara", which he also belonged to, and has long been overlooked by all but a few enthusiastic music lovers.

P-VINE is honoured to have the honour of reissuing this great work on vinyl for the first time in the world. The second track ‘Umi No Sunatsubu’ was included into the Grammy-nominated album "Kankyo Ongaku" released by Light In The Attic. Minimalistic, interwoven soft sequences give his music a feeling of floating and warming, this sound is representing the very essence of the Japanese ambient. His compilation album "Horizon, Volume 1" was released on the label Empire Of Signs, which produces some Japanese ambient reissues, such as Hiroshi Yoshimura's Music From Nine Postcards and Inoyama Land's Commissions: 1977-2000.

Artist Bio

Almost completely unknown in the west, Masahiro Sugaya has been composing and producing music since the 1980s in an exceptionally wide range of fields and practices. From arrangements for musical acts like the acoustic guitar duo Gontiti to acousmatic diffusion at spaces like Paris’s Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), Sugaya’s reach is almost exhaustive in its breadth, but it was in the 80s bubble-era kankyō ongaku scene that he first found his musical voice. Horizon, Volume 1 presents a window into these works, culled from Sugaya’s early scores for experimental Tokyo theatre group Pappa Tarahumura.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 カメレオン・ガーデン
  • 2 海の砂粒
  • 3 帽子とマンドリン
  • 4 空にとけるサーカス
  • 5 笑うペンギン
  • 6
  • 7 世界の果てまで
  • 8 布の動物園