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The Last Tale Of Love

Infinite Fog


LP Black $25
  • Perfect for fans of Current 93, Sonne Hagal, Backworld, ROME, Leonard Kohen, KTAOBC
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Excellent sound and studio remastering by Johnny Kratong
  • Limited to 250 copies! LP+4p booklet


Infinite Fog Production presents Neutral’s come back. Just a year after the grandiose “The World of Disbelief”, Ash has finished the recording of “Last Tale of Love”, the album that most probably will stay the last album of the project. After 1.5 years of delays and waiting we are honored to present this beautiful record in physical form.

“Last Tale of Love” it’s the same inimitable Neutral as always – dark and beautiful songs with unforgettable melodies, bitter-sweet poetry, and heady soft deep voice. This time a beautiful decoration on the album is the voice of guest artist Alena Ka Boo.

Notable that the last album includes 2 early songs of the project “…To The Endless Play” and “Last Tale Of Love”. Songs that are well-known by fans through live shows and CDs live recordings in Königsberg but first time as studio versions.

Limited edition black vinyl with printed inner sleeve – 250 copies. Mastered by Johnny (Kratong, Romowe Rikoito).

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Between Tomorrow And Today
  • 2 Sсhöne Leich
  • 3 Water Like Stone
  • 4 ...To The Endless Play
  • 5 Dust Of The Stars
  • 6 Fallen Angel Of My Dawn
  • 7 Festival
  • 8 Last Tale Of Love