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Heaven Sent & Ecstasy

The Greatest Love Story

Groove Diggers


LP Black $42
  • Limited Edition Repressing
  • New designed OBI strip
  • World’s first LP reissue


This album, which is the only album of a large group of Ascension Mono from the artist name “Heaven St. & Ecstasy” based in US Oakland, contains a lot of floor-like killer songs and groovy disco tunes. A DJ & collector’s coveted album that also contains the sweetest soul numbers! Featured in the “U.S. Black Disc Guide”, the long-awaited LP’s first reissue is the ultimate rare edition that has never been reissued as an LP, even though the original was always traded at a high price!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 I See Heaven
  • 2 Bless You With My Love
  • 3 Satisfaction To The Bone Nitty Gritty Naked Bone
  • 4 Rapping With My Subconscious Mind
  • 5 I’m A Lady
  • 6 We're Together Again
  • 7 Shake, Move, Groove
  • 8 The Greatest Love Story
  • 9 Sho-Nuf Funky Beat
  • 10 Success Ya'll