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The Funky Worm - Live at Dooley's 1976



LP Black $28
LP + 7” Black $38
LP Blue $30
  • Available on Limited Edition LP, LP + 7", and Blue LP
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Analogue Remastered
  • LP + 7" Edition comes with 300 × 600mm Poster


Walter “JUNIE” Morrison was a former member of the OHIO PLAYERS and responsible for writing and arranging their early 1970s hit singles “Pain”, “Pleasure”, “Ecstasy” and most notably, the group’s first Billboard R&B Number One “Funky Worm”. In 1978 he joined George Clinton’s Funk Mob PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC and, as their musical director, played a key role during the creation of the hit albums “One Nation Under A Groove”, “Motor Booty Affair”, “Gloryhallastoopid” and their R&B Number Ones, “One Nation Under A Groove” and “(Not Just) Knee Deep”. In between acts he released three solo albums for Westbound Records that showcased his unique take on the funk. “The Funky Worm – Live at Dooley’s 1976” is a one of kind live recording from his mid-70s Westbound solo period that was only recently discovered. Regrooved Records is proud to present the very first live album of funk icon JUNIE MORRISON.

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