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Bo Diddley

The Black Gladiator
CD $12
  • Original tapes transfered at legendary Sterling Sound in NYC
  • Re-mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters
  • In-depth liner notes by Scott Schnider
  • Original LP art faithfully reproduced


Originally lost amidst a new decade and changing soundscapes, Bo Diddley’s The Black Gladiator never really registered upon its release in June 1970. The album proved to be a modernization of his blues-rock sound with a rugged funk edge, while retaining the spirit and humor of his finest work.


Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Elephant Man
  • 2 You, Bo Diddley
  • 3 Black Soul
  • 4 Power House
  • 5 If The Bible's Right
  • 6 I've Got A Feeling
  • 7 Shut Up, Woman
  • 8 Hot Buttered Blues
  • 9 Funky Fly
  • 10 I Don't Like You