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Jaine Roman-Pitt

The Beautiful Feeling



LP Black $20 $28
LP Swirl $20 $31
  • Housed in deluxe gatefold jacket
  • 4-panel insert with new liner notes by Dave Hollander and photos from Jaine’s personal archives
  • First time on vinyl reissue
  • Pressed on black and blue with white swirl


In the mid-sixties, when hippie culture was at its peak, Jaine Roman-Pitt, a 16-year-old girl influenced by Johnny Mitchell and Judy Collins, picks up the guitar. Having started performing at a club near the University of Michigan, she fell into hippie life and traveled through Israel to Greece, where she opened her eyes to a new world. It was a world of meditation that many musicians, including the Beatles, were deeply involved at the time.

When she returned to the United States, she was not attracted by the sad love songs or politically-themed songs she had written. She decides to sing about the meaning of life and inner tranquility originating from the world of meditation and starts composing new songs. As a result, her debut album This Beautiful Feeling was released in 1973 in California’s small label Unity Records.

Focusing on her shiny and clean voice and playing acoustic guitar, this album shows outstanding quality that draws a line from numerous minor folk albums. In particular, the saxophone and flute playing in harmony with her voice make the album more distinctive.However, despite the high quality of the album, it was silently buried as an expensive and rare album that was only talked among collectors. Now, after a long pursuit, the album was fortunately re-released as a first official reissue and becomes to deliver the beauty to many music lovers.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 No Way Down
  • 2 Laughter Wells From Somewhere
  • 3 Give The Gift
  • 4 Thanks to the Gardener
  • 5 Let Us Be Together
  • 6 I am, I am
  • 7 Good Morning World
  • 8 I to I
  • 9 Butterfly Wings
  • 10 Nothing's Gonna Take It Away
  • 11 Jai Guru Dev