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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Original Soundtrack)

Laced Records


4LP Black $95
  • Music from 2011 arcade and 2012 consoles versions
  • 48 tracks by Akitaka Tohyama, Nobuyoshi “sanodg” Sano, Keiichi Okabe, Taku Inoue, Shinji Hosoe, Yoshie Arakawa, Rio Hamamoto, Satoru Kousaki, Yuu Miyake, Ayako Saso, Go Shiina, Ryo Watanabe and Yoshihito Yano
  • Original artwork by Samuel Donato
  • Deluxe gatefold box housing spined inner sleeves
  • Standard Edition with traditional black discs


Bandai Namco and Laced Records team-up once again to bring you the music of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on wax, in a deluxe 4LP box set.

Released in 2011 in arcades and 2012 on consoles, the brawler featured a whacking 59 characters on console. Like its predecessor, Tag Tournament 2 was a well-received celebration and refinement of the series to that point.

The soundtrack is chock full of dramatic electronic music, replete with floor-filling beats, melodic lines, orchestral and vocal elements, and the odd vocoder. The dizzying array of subgenres includes house, dubstep, psytrance, hard techno and much more, with many tracks fusing multiple musical elements — clearly a music team having fun and producing bangers in the process.

The sizable composer line-up features talent from across Bandai Namco’s catalogue, and also Japanese gaming history. Led by sound director Akitaka Tohyama (Tag Tournament ‘99, Soulcalibur, Katamari Damacy) and Nobuyoshi “sanodg” Sano (Ridge Racer, TEKKEN 3, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex); with back-up from Shinji Hosoe (Ridge Racer, Street Fighter EX, Zero Escape), Taku Inoue (Ridge Racer & TEKKEN series) and Keiichi Okabe (NieR:Automata, Drakengard); and contributions by Yoshie Arakawa, Rio Hamamoto, Satoru Kousaki, Yuu Miyake, Ayako Saso, Go Shiina, Ryo Watanabe and Yoshihito Yano.

The 48-strong tracklist was curated by four-time Guinness World Record-holder, multi-game world champion and all-round fighting game community legend Ryan Hart. All music has been specially mastered for vinyl by engineer Joe Caithness, and tracks will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g discs.

In keeping with the vinyl series so far, the box set features vinyl sleeve artwork by illustrator Samuel Donato aka DXSinfinite.

This Standard Edition features traditional black discs. Four LPs come in spined inner sleeves, all housed in a deluxe gatefold box.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Piano Intro -Massive True Mix
  • 2 Dawn of the beat
  • 3 Baile de Batalla (Fireworks Over Barcelona)
  • 4 Stained Orange (Coastline Sunset)
  • 5 Electro Parade (Festive Parade)
  • 6 Reflexion (Riverside Promenade)
  • 7 Siga (Tropical Rainforest)
  • 8 The Big One ~Quiet Strings Mix (Moai Excavation)
  • 9 Fiji -Paraiso Mix- (Eternal Paradise)
  • 10 Your Sunset
  • 11 School -After School Mix- (Sakura Schoolyard)
  • 12 Battle Cry
  • 13 Tekken Tunes
  • 14 The Strongest Iron Arena -Silver Mix- (Arena)
  • 15 Utmost Limits (Naraku)
  • 16 Waiting For The Vagabond
  • 17 Mystic Force (Extravagant Underground)
  • 18 Glow of the oil (Modern Oasis)
  • 19 Fantastic Theater (Odeum of Illusions)
  • 20 Moonlit Wilderness -D.T.O. Mix- (Moonlit Wilderness)
  • 21 Plucking Tulips (Tulip Festival)
  • 22 Landscape Under The Ghost - Kaminan
  • 23 Specification changes
  • 24 Sadistic Xmas (Arctic Dream)
  • 25 Sunny (Condor Canyon)
  • 26 Wall of Confrontation
  • 27 Evaluation result
  • 28 Fightlab jingle 1
  • 29 Fightlab jingle 2
  • 30 Fightlab jingle 3
  • 31 Fightlab jingle 4
  • 32 Fightlab jingle 5
  • 33 Fightlab jingle 6
  • 34 Luxury Garden
  • 35 Highschool love!
  • 36 Un Deux Trois (Strategic Space)
  • 37 Tekken Tag Tournament Piano Intro -Massive Mix-
  • 38 Tekstep Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)
  • 39 Snow Castle -Mundus Arrange- (Winter Palace)
  • 40 Zirkus (Historic Town Square)
  • 41 Yun (Dusk after the Rain)
  • 42 Tool Pusher (Tempest)
  • 43 What you will see (Heavenly Garden)
  • 44 Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit)
  • 45 AIM TO WIN (Character Select)
  • 46 IT'S NOT A TUNA! (Bountiful Sea)
  • 47 Jin Kazama -Far East Mix- (Hall of Judgement)
  • 48 Night Falls (Ending)