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Tail of the Sun



LP Color $50

SHIPS BY 2024-09-06

  • Pressed on colored vinyl - color to be determined
  • Limited edition
  • Newly remastered



Limited analog LP (Color Vinyl!) release of the 1996 video game "Tail of the Sun" original soundtrack is on the way!

In the mid-90s, when a series of never-before-seen games appeared on the market, the bizarre game of the century, "Tail of the Sun," is now and will never fade from existence. The soundtrack will be unleashed on the concrete jungle with the latest remastering!

This work, which was born from the idea of throwing in everything that came to mind, has become a masterpiece that continues to be loved to this day as a work that appeals to the player's primitive nature and gives strange, indescribable sensations. The music is also a masterpiece of techno/electronic music, mixing from the very primitive rhythms to cosmology, death, love, and even a train announcement.