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Stephen Pierce

Stellar Interface Original Soundtrack



LP Natural $35
  • 500 Units Limited production
  • OVERTURE, exclusive track created by Stephen Pierce for this OST edition, performed by special guest soloist cello Nicola Boscaro in Venice, Italy
  • Natural Color vinyl, it appears white, but can show light through if held up to a light source


Immerse Yourself in the Cosmic Symphony! This carefully curated single LP takes you on an intergalactic journey through the musical universe of the video game "Stellar Interface." Composed by the extraordinarily talented Stephen Pierce of Twin Ravens Audio, this soundtrack takes you on a space-age synth voyage to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Stellarnet
  • 2 The Ship
  • 3 Deep in the Dark
  • 4 Asteroids
  • 5 Hex
  • 6 Jupiter
  • 7 Babushka
  • 8 Gilgamesh
  • 9 Overture