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John Williams

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi (Japanese Import)

Walt Disney Records (Japan)


LP Black $35
  • Pressed on black single vinyl
  • Obi-strip included
  • Limited edition


The soundtrack to ‘’Star Wars / New Hope’’ has been made into a record as the first Star Wars ‘’Record Day’’ target product!

Released in the Japanese version of the original jacket. 1LP. The recorded sound source adopts the 192kHz / 24bit master announced in 2018.

Limited edition

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Main Title (The Story Continues)
  • 2 Into The Trap
  • 3 Luke And Leia
  • 4 Parade Of The Ewoks
  • 5 Han Solo Returns (At The Court Of Jabba The Hutt)
  • 6 Lapti Nek (Jabba's Palace Band)
  • 7 The Forest Battle
  • 8 Rebel Briefing
  • 9 The Emperor
  • 10 The Return Of The Jedi
  • 11 Ewok Celebration And Finale