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Alessandro Alessandroni


Four Flies Records


LP Black $34
  • LP 180gr. | Limited Edition 500 copies
  • Hard tip-on sleeve


Maybe the best Alessandroni’s album ever. A true holy-grail for any collector and worldwide music lover, which we can consider nowadays as the most sought-after record of the whole legendary RCA SP 10000 series, and as the rarest album from the king of Italian libraries.

Jazz, mellow-funk, downtempo breaks, and incredible rock blends, make this record a refined portrait of the 70’s American way of life, viewed through the fully Italian lens of Alessandroni’s sensitivity.
The magic around Spontaneous is that this album is not only beautiful and astonishing but is certainly on of those amazing records to which time gives new life and freshness, making it sounds unbelievably contemporary.

After five years of exhausting research, finally, Four Flies can give a light to this obscure and fascinating mystery, rescuing it from the darkness. It’s not just another piece of Alessandroni’s legacy that is finally put back in the right place. This should be considered as the definitive act to re-estabilsh Alessandroni’s leadership into the library music scene, and beyond.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Sunny Coast
  • 2 Lucille
  • 3 Pure Nature
  • 4 Spontaneous
  • 5 Young America
  • 6 Green Salad
  • 7 Blue Waves
  • 8 Watergate
  • 9 Mitzi
  • 10 High Class
  • 11 Meadows
  • 12 Grazing
  • 13 Life Tree