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Yellow Magic Orchestra

Solid State Survivor (Standard Edition)
LP $40
  • New Remaster by Bob Ludwig
  • Cutting Engineer by Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • Comes with a lyrics/credits insert and liner notes
  • Single Jacket with Obi Strip
  • NOTE: LP colorway to be determined


Solid State Survivor is the second album by Japanese electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra. A synthetic cornucopia featuring compelling sounds across their unique electronic palette. Compositions are key here in direct contrast to the sounds of their German counterparts of the same era. Never released in the US, Solid State Survivor, became a cult favorite and a catalyst for the techno genre around the world.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Technopolis
  • 2 Absolute Ego Dance
  • 3 Rydeen
  • 4 Castalia
  • 5 Behind The Mask
  • 6 Day Tripper
  • 7 Insomnia
  • 8 Solid State Survivor