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Socialist Disco: Dancing Behind Yugoslavia's Velvet Curtain 1977-1987

Fox & His Friends Records


2LP Black $32

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  • Mastered from original analog tapes
  • 2LP gatefold vinyl pressed at Record Industry NL
  • Licensed from the vaults of largest Yugoslav label Jugoton
  • Liner notes and photos cover the socialist disco era and clubs
  • First edition completely sold-out on preorder without distribution to shops, second hand copies now reach 90€ on Discogs


A collection of 18 rare disco tracks from Yugoslavia. Compiled by Leri Ahel & Zeljko Luketic from original master tapes. Fox & His Friends label owners Ahel & Luketic selected obscure 7'' singles, b-sides, out-of-print releases and digged deep into the vaults of Jugoton to tell the story of how disco infiltrated clubs and pop music. This compilation is vinyl counterpart to their pioneering research and work in two major exhibitions tracing roots, influences and social significance of disco in music, fashion and design held in 2015 in Klovicevi Dvori Museum and HDD Gallery in Zagreb.

"Socialist Disco - Dancing Behind Yugoslavia's Velvet Curtain 1977-1987" double gatefold LP with extensive liner notes contains tunes from KIM Band, Gabi Novak, Arian, Ljupka Dimitrovska, Ana Sasso, Moni Kovacic, Milka Lenac, Rok Hotel, Ivica Surjak, Grupa ST, Nano Prsa and many more in various sub-genres including classical orchestrated disco, dance reworkings of international chart hits and synth-filled italo-disco stompers performed by Yugoslavian music stars, fashion models and even sports and football heroes.

Disco, a vital Trojan horse (in local notion: a pop music you can dance to), stayed quite a long time In Yugoslavia, refusing to be silenced and refusing to jump into the bandwagon of expected. It was influenced by American and European disco sound, for example, by the Boney M, Amanda Lear or Love Machine, who all visited Yugoslavia and had live concerts. The producers and the big record companies like Jugoton, PGP RTB, Diskoton or ZKP RTVL, noted the hype in music and they constantly probed the market with limited run of seven inchers or special performances. Some artists were quite successful, but the rest were in the 7'' single empire which was free enough to experiment with all things disco had to offer - genre hybrids, use of electronics, sexual innuendo, bizarre lyrics and most importantly, great musicians and major composers having fun. The no-restrictions policy of disco was there to evade the rules and surely it did.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Zdenka Vuckovic – Ja cu prezivjeti (I Will Survive)
  • 2 Gabi Novak – Pjesma je bila zivot moj
  • 3 Krunoslav Slabinac - Juzni vjetar
  • 4 Arian – Do posljednjeg daha
  • 5 Moni Kovacic - Be My Bear
  • 6 KIM – Naivke
  • 7 Rok Hotel – Disko
  • 8 Grupa ST - Superkazanova
  • 9 Ivica Surjak – Julija
  • 10 Vera Kapetanovic – Ne gubi vreme sa mnom
  • 11 Milka Lenac – Zeljo luda
  • 12 Nano Prsa – Dzingis kan
  • 13 Dubravka Jusic – Stani
  • 14 Ljupka Dimitrovska – Robot (Version 1983)
  • 15 Ana Sasso – Krenimo Niki
  • 16 Elvira Voca – Drugo vrijeme (The Second Time)
  • 17 Opatijski suveniri – Vamos A La Playa
  • 18 Roman Butina – I'm Gonna Get Your Love