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Jessica Curry

So Let Us Melt
2LP Black $27
CD $13
  • Original soundtrack to the video game So Let Us Melt
  • Music by BAFTA award-winning composer and ClassicFM presenter Jessica Curry (Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture)
  • First time on vinyl
  • Limited edition 180g orange & blue double vinyl
  • Original artwork by Atomhawk (UK)
  • Full-coloured printed inner sleeves
  • Includes liner notes by creative director Dan Pinchbeck
  • Includes download code for the digital album
  • Remastered for vinyl


In early 2017, Black Screen Records was delighted to release BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry’s acclaimed soundtrack to the classic game Dear Esther on physical formats for the game’s 5th anniversary. We are excited to announce that we will be releasing Curry’s score to The Chinese Room’s upcoming Google Daydream VR game So Let Us Melt on limited edition blue/orange 180g double vinyl and CD this September 2017.

The soundtrack comes in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with original artwork by Atomhawk (who were also responsible for the Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture vinyl artwork) with a lovely spot varnish on the front cover and liner notes by creative director Dan Pinchbeck. All songs have been specially remastered for vinyl and will be pressed on audiophile 180g blue and orange vinyl. The packaging also includes a free download code that enables the customer to download the mp3s via Bandcamp.

“Recording this soundtrack was such a special experience for me – it was amazing to be back at the world-renowned AIR studios with many of the same musicians and choir members who sang on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. My previous soundtracks have had such a wonderful reaction and I’m hoping that this one will prove just as well-received. So Let Us Melt is very different to Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, but I’m so proud of it – I think it will surprise and delight fans in equal measure. I am thrilled that So Let Us Melt is being released on vinyl and CD and I am just completely in love with the artwork that Atomhawk have produced for the album. Sometimes things just align to make something really special and that’s definitely the case with So Let Us Melt. I can’t wait to get this one out into the world." – Jessica Curry

So Let Us Melt is a science-fiction fairy tale, about a world called Kenopsia, and a machine called Custodian 98. Along with all of the other living machines, Custodian 98 is helping build the world whilst all the people sleep, deep below the ice in Polar City. They start with a bare rock, and make an atmosphere, create life, nurture the forests and oceans and swamps and mountains; waking every few thousand years to make sure Kenopsia is developing exactly as it should, so it will be a paradise for the people that are sleeping. All the Custodians and machines love to sing to one another, they have learned special songs that can make the plants grow, hold the air in place and make the animals happy. And then a comet called Lassiter smashes into the planet’s surface – and everything changes.

Like the game, Curry’s soundtrack moves through wonder and joy to shock and melancholy, amazement and mystery. It captures the playful energy of the singing machines as they make friends and build the world together; the epic drama of a story that spans an entire world and over ten million years. It is bright and brilliant at one moment, raw and hollow the next. It is full of hope and awe and a wonderful energy that sees Curry evolve beyond the moody atmospherics of Dear Esther and the pastoral beauty of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture to something fresh and deeply original. So Let Us Melt fuses choral traditions with contemporary minimalism, joyful and moving string and harp with playful electronics and samples. In So Let Us Melt, we hear a composer utterly at ease with her own unique and developing voice, breaking beyond themes and accents to create a sonic journey that perfectly captures the bittersweet wonder and myth-building of the game. This is an album full of warmth and life and it is unlike any other soundtrack you will hear this year.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 A Lullaby of Home
  • 2 The Growing of the World
  • 3 Counting the Atmospheres
  • 4 Sonder
  • 5 Great Friends
  • 6 Anything for Kenopsia
  • 7 A Darkling Filament
  • 8 Our First Singing
  • 9 Brought to Rest
  • 10 The Leaving
  • 11 Impact Hypothesis
  • 12 Lassiter
  • 13 The Signal
  • 14 Millions and Millions
  • 15 So Let us Melt