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LP Black $15
  • Features Peter Stampfel of the Holy Modal Rounders
  • First ever reissue on vinyl for this legendary 1980 recording
  • Freshly re-mastered, this LP sounds better than the CD which was mastered two decades ago
  • 180 gram LP housed in Stoughton tip-on old school type jacket including faithfully reproduced original artwork by Michael Hurley


Tracing the lineage and citing the fore-bearers of the New Weird America, one can’t help but mention the music of bizarre folk singer/guitarist/artist Michael Hurley. Hurley’s 1980 LP Snockgrass is a delightful singer-songwriter mix-up, with songs that switch from the serious to the satirical at the drop of a hat (sometimes in the middle of a song), which can result in unexpected laughter – the cover painting (done by Hurley himself), tends to get puzzled and startled reactions for its surreal landscape filled with naked people and instrument-playing wolves!


Artist Bio


Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Midnite Rounder
  • 2 O My Stars
  • 3 Tia Marie
  • 4 I'm Gettin' Ready To Go
  • 5 Watchin' The Show
  • 6 Automatic Slim & The Fat Boys
  • 7 Don't Treat Me Bad
  • 8 I Heard The Voice Of A Porkchop
  • 9 No Home
  • 10 Jole' Blon
  • 11 I Think I'll Move
  • 12 Goin' To Florida
  • 13 You Gonna Look Like A Monkey