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Flower Megu

Sasayaki Tameiki Modae

Tokuma Japan Communications Co., Ltd./Lawson Entertainment Inc.


LP Black $52
  • Includes pin-up poster reprinted in the original size
  • Obi


The title that boasts one of the rarest in the Showa Kayo board is reissued on the LP analog board!

A phantom piece left by the popular cult actress Flower Meg. A pheromone song decision board with a crazy sexy whisper in a moody song standard. The binding pin-up poster is also revived with luxurious specifications reprinted as it was at that time.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Juteme
  • 2 Manchurian Beat
  • 3 Love
  • 4 San Towa Mommy
  • 5 The crush of this chest
  • 6 I love you to death
  • 7 Naomi's dream
  • 8 Separation
  • 9 It snows
  • 10 Oh Champs Elysees
  • 11 Last dance to me