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Bert Jansch

Santa Barbara Honeymoon (UNOFFICIAL 2018 RSD RELEASE)

Earth Recordings


LP Black $30
CD $13
  • Record Store Day 2018 Unofficial Release
  • Includes 6 additional non-album tracks as a download
  • Limited edition purple vinyl (1,000 LPs)


The second of two albums that Bert wrote in America in the mid 70s, ‘Santa Barbara Honeymoon’ foregrounds some of Bert’s most charming and addictive melodies. Album highlights include ‘Baby Blue’, ‘Lost and Gone’ and a reworking of Jackson C. Frank’s ‘Blues Run The Game’. It was recorded in America over a two month period and is another departure for Bert Jansch, mixing his familiar style with a more produced sound – utilising backing singers and session players including horns, steel drums and a Dixieland band. Of the record, Bert says: “I spent three months at Ian Matthews’ house in the San Fernando Valley. I didn’t have a car and I was really isolated as it was on a street that was 40 miles long. It was in the suburbs on the other side of Hollywood and they just came and picked me up every day to take me to the studio. I think, perhaps, that added to a sense of my not being as involved in the shape of the record as I would normally be.” However it came about, it’s an album ripe for reappraisal, with the added bonus of a handful of previously unreleased solo tracks – just Bert and guitar – featuring some of the songs from the album and from L.A. Turnaround recorded live at the Montreux Festival in the summer of 1975. CD also Includes additional non-album tracks

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Love Anew
  • 2 Mary And Joseph
  • 3 Be My Friend
  • 4 Baby Blue
  • 5 Dance Lady Dance
  • 6 You Are My Sunshine
  • 7 Lost And Gone
  • 8 Blues Run The Game
  • 9 Build Another Band
  • 10 When The Teardrops Fell
  • 11 Dynamite
  • 12 Buckrabbit
  • 13 Build Another Band (Alternate Version)
  • 14 When The Teardrops Fall (Live At Montreux, 1975)
  • 15 Lady Nothing (Live At Montreux, 1975)
  • 16 Dance Lady Dance (Live At Montreux, 1975)
  • 17 Angie (Live At Montreux, 1975)
  • 18 One For Jo (Live At Montreux, 1975)