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Seiji Yokoyama

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Music Collection (Volume 1)

Microids Records


LP Clear Blue Marbled $60

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  • First vinyl issue of the Saint Seiya Anime's cult Soundtrack
  • Limited Edition
  • Pressed on Clear Blue Marbled Vinyl


Seiya is an orphan who, as a young boy, was selected by the Kido Foundation to bring legendary bronze armour back to Japan. He succeeds, along with 10 other orphans. Forced by the foundation to take part in a "show", the knights embark on a tournament before the prize, the golden armour, is stolen. Little by little, they realise that their problems stem from the Sanctuary in Greece, home to the 12 most powerful knights, the Golden Knights, and their leader, the Great Pope. His target is the young Saori Kido, heiress to the foundation and reincarnation of Athena.

The series was a huge success and spawned an extensive franchise, with TV series, films and video games. This album features the best music and songs from the anime, composed and arranged by Seiji Yokoyama (GATCHAMAN).

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Pegasus Meteor Fist (Pegasus Fantasy ~ Blue Forever)
  • 2 Sanctuary, Precepts of Death
  • 3 Galaxian Wars
  • 4 Burning Cosmo
  • 5 Oath to One's Guardian Star
  • 6 The Saints of Athena
  • 7 Revenger Phoenix
  • 8 The Challenge of the Black Saints
  • 9 Sad Brothers
  • 10 Into an Era of Legend