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Taeko Onuki

LP Black $42

SHIPS BY 2024-08-24

  • 1st analogue re-issue since original release
  • Backed by members Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • Comes with a lyrics/credits insert and a liner notes insert
  • Single jacket with Obi Strip
  • Remastered by Bernie Grundman from original master tape to 96KHz/24bit digital high resolution master
  • Pressed at Sony DADC Japan
  • Limited Pressing


Taeko Onuki’s 4th album, “Romantique”, became the first installment of her successful “European Trilogy” of albums which are inspired by and paid homage to french cinema soundtracks. The sound arrangement was changed from her previous studio band sound to a synth driven new wave sound. This album established her distinct whispery vocal style which was inspired by the french pops of Bridgette Fontaine and Françoise Hardy.

Song arrangements are by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kazuhiko Kato, and featured members of Yellow Magic Orchestra, including Kenji Omura on guitar and Hideki Matsutake on synth programming.

The album includes a self cover of “Shinkiro No Machi” which she originally wrote for her previous band Sugar Babe’s album “Songs”.

Artist Bio


Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Carnaval
  • 2 ディケイド・ナイト "Decade Night""
  • 3 雨の夜明け "Ame no yoake"
  • 4 若き日の望楼 "Wakaki hi no bōrō"
  • 5 Bohemian
  • 6 果てなき旅情 "Hate naki ryojō"
  • 7 ふたり "Futari"
  • 8 軽蔑 "Keibetsu"
  • 9 新しいシャツ "Atarashī Shirt"
  • 10 蜃気楼の街 "Shinkirō no machi"