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Fabiano Do Nascimento & Itibere Zwarg Collective

Rio Bonito



LP Black $18 $48
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Composed by Fabiano do Nascimento and Itibere Zwarg
  • Perfect for fans of Brazilian music


Fabiano do Nascimento, one of the most popular and talented guitarists/composers in the Brazilian scene today, and Itibere Zwarg, the backbone of the Hermeto Pascoal Group, will be releasing a new album as a collective! The new album will be released worldwide from rings!

“Fabiano do Nascimento, the guitar virtuoso who shared Brazilian music with Sam Gendel, has completed a beautiful recording with a collective by bassist/composer Itibere Zwarg, who also received praise by Pino Palladino. It is a truly creative and inspiring album that beautifully captures the empathy that exists between Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.”
- Masaaki Hara (rings)

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Starfish
  • 2 Emotivo
  • 3 Coletivo Universal
  • 4 Strings for my guitar
  • 5 Luz das Aguas
  • 6 Theme In C
  • 7 Just Piano
  • 8 Strings Full
  • 9 Retratos Itibere
  • 10 Kaleidoscope